Scriptcake Secrets (Paperback)


The Top 10 Mistakes Novice Screenwriters Make and How to Fix Them


“This was a quick read, but I found myself slowing down to savor Lovinder Gill’s clear, crisp sentences that spoke directly to the writer inside me. Some of his insights on structure and character have won a permanent place in my inventory of writing truths and will have veteran screenwriters reaching for their unproduced screenplays to correct their unconscious mistakes. For the novice screenwriter or storyteller in any medium, this book will save years of wandering in the wilderness and will give you the tools to tell compelling, emotion-based stories.”
~ Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey

“This book is not merely instructional, it is inspirational. I think it might be the best book on screenwriting I have read. The content is great but it is presented in such a clear, compelling way that it is really hard to put down. I have read a lot of screenwriting books, but this one is not just rich with great lessons, it is passionately user-friendly.”
~ David J. Greenberg, author of Screenwriting for Micro-Budget Films

Lovinder Gill is an award-winning filmmaker and has written four produced feature-length screenplays. He’s been a college professor for over 20 years and has taught screenwriting to over 2000 students. He is also the host of the acclaimed podcast, Scriptcake. You can listen to his weekly interviews and screenwriting lessons at

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